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The Types of Burners We Offer

At Metro Services Inc., we’ve been helping to meet the needs of commercial and industrial HVAC customers since 1986. During the early days, we quickly found out that the greater Chattanooga area was in need of companies with knowledge and attention to detail. To fill...

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Benefits of Our Combustion and Safety Training

Here at Metro Services, Inc., we make it our mission to provide a wide variety of services to our clients in order to help them run their business more efficiently and maintain appropriate safety standards throughout their facility. Our combustion and safety training...

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Why Maintenance of Your Combustion Equipment is Important

Protect Your Combustion Equipment With Regular Maintenance   Here at Metro Services Inc., we believe that regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can go a long way in protecting your investment. While it’s a universal fact that downtime is an inevitable evil in...

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NFPA Article 86 Guidelines: How Metro Services, Inc. Helps

Combustion Engineering Assistance for Process Heating Equipment  Here at Metro Services, Inc., we specialize in combustion engineering, HVAC Services, mechanical contracting services, and solar energy services. We have made it our mission to exceed our customers’...

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