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Metro Services specializes in Combustion Engineering, HVAC Services, Solar Energy Services, and Mechanical Contracting Services.

We are also a distributor of burners, blower and gas boosters, control panels, flame monitoring systems, heat exchangers, HVAC equipment, mixers and vaporizers, measurement and controls, regulators, shut-off and control valves and valve trains.

Metro Services, Inc. is dedicated to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing world-class service, without exception, across all product and service lines. We pledge to treat each customer, employee, vendor and subcontractor with integrity, honesty and fairness, thereby building long-term business and personal relationships. Each member of the Metro Services team works for and is committed to our customers and we realize that we would not be here without our customer’s commitment to us.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance– especially as it pertains to harmful particles and germs that can be circulated by your HVAC system. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring peak performance as indoor air quality is concerned, and our team can help ensure the air in your building or plant is clean and safe.

Our engineers and technicians have met the demands of many companies, including…

The Boeing Company


We provide our customers with successful innovations that leave them saying…

Thank MSI for continued job excellence and outstanding service. No matter what task or part I need, I can count on them. Over the past five years, Metro Services has proven their service to our company time and time again.

Jerry Monroe


As a multinational with plans in the US, Canada, Romania and Israel, we can fully assert that our business with Metro Services, Inc., has been both rewarding and beneficial for us. We have found a world-class supplier in the ‘wilds of Tennessee’.

Meir Langer

Palziv Group

We have been using Metro Services, Inc. for almost 20 years for our blower, ducting, and burner needs. Metro has always delivered the Highest Quality and Dependability that we require throughout the years. We would highly recommend Metro for the services we have received.

Lee Reavis

Electrical Engineer