Our Packaged Industrial Burners in Chattanooga

We offer a wide array of packaged burners for commercial and industrial applications, designed to offer the utmost in reliability, efficiency and performance. The packaged system eliminates the need for lengthy engineering and design time. Our systems come completely ready to go. Simply add power and fuel to you control system, and the burner will do the rest.


Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners

Recirculation High Temperature (RHT) Indirect Air Heating Burners

Recirculation High Temperature (RHT) indirect air heating burners are designed to heat recirculation ovens and dryers where the products of combustion must be isolated from the process air stream. They are also excellent for use in industrial space heating systems. These burners feature an industry proven burner, firing chamber and exhaust tube assembly as a single unit for easy installation and optimum performance.


  • Process Temperature 550°F (290°C)
  • 9 Sizes Available
  • 188,000 – 2300 Btu/hr (55 – 880 kW)
  • Completely packaged design
  • Low process air flow pressure drops
  • Valve train and control panel options available
  • Front access for easy maintenance
  • Separates products of combustion from process air stream
  • Available as side plate or duct unit
  • Low NOx in external exhaust stream
  • High temp. limit and air flow switch standard
  • Design provides for thermal expansion


Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners


EC-P ranges of packaged burners are rated for outputs between 120kW to 800kW.
It is designed to suit all types of low-temperature gas-fired applications, typically industrial dryers, air heaters, and box ovens. The EC-P burner range can be supplied for natural gas or LP gases with high/low or modulating control.

Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners


The FMP burner is a packaged industrial nozzle mix burner with integral fan, gas train, and control box, the FMP series has outputs from 20kW to 4.4MW. The burner is of rugged industrial design and suitable for use with all commercially available gases, with oil and duel fuel variants available above 440kW. Control options from on/off to fully modulation are available, together with bespoke solutions upon request.

SG 100 & 170

Selectos industrial package burner, rated for outputs between 60kw to 160kW. Supplied with integral fan, fuel train and control box, options available for on/off, high/low and modulating gas only (oil on/off only). The burner is of rugged industrial design and is suitable for natural gas, LPG or oil. The Selectos range has been applied for many years on ovens, spray booths, dryers, and furnaces. Options available for tube-firing on gas (300kW tube-fire special available upon request).

Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners

STG Series (STG 120, 146)

These burners are available for use on natural gas with a single stage on/off operation. They are available for both conventional and ducted air options and are typically suitable for domestic and commercial hot water boilers and air heaters. Sterling oil and gas burners are commonly used by many boiler manufacturers including Worcester Bosch, Trianco and Grant. All Sterling burners have been designed in accordance with EN676 and EN267.

Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners

MG Series (MG 1350 LN, MG 1550 LN, MG 190, MG 2000 LN, MG 2100, MG 2500, MG 2800, MG 2800 N, MG 320, MG 3300, MG 4000, MG 420 LN, MG 530 LN, MG 860 LN)

These burners are available for use on natural gas, LPG, towns gas and biogas with single-stage on/off, two-stage high/low, or modulating operation. They are typically suited for commercial hot water boiler systems and steam boiler systems. All M series burners have been designed in accordance with EN676 and EN267.

NG Series (NG 100, 125, 150, 180, 35, 40, 45, 55, 60, 65, 75, 80, 85)

This burner is suitable for use on natural gas and LPG (Towns gas and biogas on request) with two-stage high/low or modulating operation. All N series burners are custom-built and designed for easy maintenance. This range is typically suited for high resistance, hot water, and steam boilers. All N series burners have been designed in accordance with EN676 and EN267.

Chattanooga Packaged Industrial Burners

PG Series (PG 160, 250, 310, 400, 490, 575, 660)

The PG Series burner can operate on gas (NG, LPG, Towns Gas and Biogas) and is available in standard outputs from 3.3MW to 18MW. The PG Series burner is commonly used on large industrial steam and hot water boilers. All P series burners are designed and manufactured in accordance with EN267 and EN676.