Our History & Philosophy

Metro Services, Inc. (MSI) was established in 1986 to meet the needs of commercial and industrial HVAC customers. MSI quickly found out that the greater Chattanooga area was thirsty for companies with knowledge and attention to detail. Inasmuch, MSI flourished and quickly grew from just a few service technicians to a company with more than 30 employees.

Metro Services Inc. in Chattanooga boasts a full spectrum of combustion services, HVAC services, automation control, and more.

Throughout the years MSI expanded their offerings as demand for other areas grew. The first expansion was the addition of building automation and controls. This offering allowed MSI to effectively maximize the efficiency of its HVAC, chiller and boiler lines. This was quickly followed with offerings of duct cleaning then mold and air sampling services.

Around 2000 MSI added combustion services to its portfolio. It began with a single technician servicing a global customer base for the process heating industry. Just like HVAC customers back in 1986 combustion customers proved to be just as thirsty for solid service companies. MSI grew from a lone technician to become one of the largest service companies of its type in the entire United States.

Today MSI now provides energy audits, waste heat recovery, and solar services in addition to its initial offerings. MSI continues to grow by employing the same philosophies implemented back in 1986. By thinking ahead, integrating modern technology with time proven methods and ensuring customer relationships are always its top priority MSI looks forward to what tomorrow will bring.

MSI is dedicated to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing world-class service, without exception, across all product and service lines.

We pledge to treat each customer, employee, vendor, and subcontractor with integrity, honesty, and fairness, thereby building long-term business and personal relationships. Each member of the MSI team works for and is committed to our customers and we realize that we would not be here without our customer’s commitment to us.

MSI is passionate about the environment and dedicated to leaving things as good as or better than they are now for the next generation to come. MSI product offerings are perfectly aligned to help all of our customers achieve a much lower carbon footprint. If we do our jobs correctly then HVAC systems, burner systems, and commercial/industrial energy systems will operate as efficiently as possible. The result is lower energy consumption and a more sustainable environment for everyone.


Our Mission

Love and support our people, customers and vendors in everything we design, fabricate and service.

Our Vision

Building lifelong relationships that change the culture of mechanical contracting.

Our Guarantee

We may not always be right, but we will always make things right.

Our Values

  • Be More Like Jesus
  • Serve Others First
  • Invest In People

Our Motto

Lean In