Chattanooga Industrial Gas Valve Trains

Metro Services, Incorporated (MSI) fabricates valve trains for most fluids (such as natural gas, LP, air, oxygen, etc) on all types of applications. Standard valve trains are built in accordance NFPA standards but can be modified to meet the standards of many other governing agencies. The valve trains can be shipped prepiped, prewired, skid mounted or in sections to satisfy all types of installation requirements.

Suitable for:

  • Natural Gas
  • Propane/LP
  • Air
  • Oxygen
  • Custom Engineered and Skid Mounted


Valve Proving System

Dungs Valve Train

The DMV is the main component of the DUNGS Modular Gas Safety System comprised of:

  • DMV combines two Safety Shut-Off Safety Valves in one housing
  • GAO Gas Pressure Switch
  • Flanges 1/2″ to 2″ NPT threaded
  • FRI Pressure Regulator with built in 50 micron Filter
  • GML manual reset Low Gas pressure Switch
  • GMH manual resetHigh Gas Pressure Switch
  • Visual Indicator
  • CPI 400Closed Position Indicator Switch
  • Pilot Line Connector
  • VPS 504

Oxygen Valve Train

Dungs Valve Proving System

The DUNGS Modular Gas Safety System The modular gas safety system reduces piping costs and space requirements.

Valve Train

Oxygen Valve Train

Each oxygen valve train is fabricated specific to the customers requirements in accordance to NFPA and local requirements.