Chattanooga Industrial Heating Control Valves & Shut-off Valves

Manual and automatic reset shut-off valves are designed to safely control gas and air flows. Metro Services, Inc. (MSI) supplies many types of valves including but not limited to butterfly & wafer valves, solenoid valves, dual solenoid valves, and limiting orifice valves. When integrated with MSI’s control motors and designed by our on-staff combustion engineers you will have a system that will provide you with many years of trouble-free production.

Available products include:

  • Automatic Shutoff Valves
  • Butterfly/Wafer Valves
  • Manual & Ball Valves
  • Adjustable Limiting Valves
  • Blast Gates
  • Vent Valves



Dungs Dual Multi-Valve (DMV)

The DUNGS Dual Multi-Valve (DMV) combines two safety shutoff valves in one compact housing, which can be wired independently or in parallel. Valve 1 (V1) of the DMV-D and DMVDLE series is fast opening and fast closing. Valve 2 (V2) of the DMV-D is fast opening, while V2 of the DMV-DLE is slow-opening for smoother light-off. Max. flow adjustment on V2 provides variable main flow on both models. Internal profiles and compact design optimize flow and provide a low pressure drop. Three body styles reduce inventory. Accessories creates a compact valve train without additional piping:

  • Pressure regulator
  • High and low gas pressure switches
  • Valve proving system
  • Vent line adapter


Electric Actuators

Dungs actuators are designed to operate dampers, butterfly valves, and similar devices. Models are available for a variety of torques from 16 in. lb. to 450 in. lb. and control methods including two-position, position proportioning with slide-wire feedback, potentiometer proportioning and current-to-position proportioning. All models are UL listed and CSA approved.


Safety Shutoff Valves

The DUNGS MVD and the MVDLE electrically operated normally closed, automatic safety shutoff valves for gas burners and gas appliances.


Metro Services supplies a range of heating control valves Chattanooga.

AutoTite Series 2000 AT

The Eclipse AutoTite Series 2000 AT valve is designed to be an automatic gas safety shut-off to a combustion system. The valve has a 30 psi (2bar) differential pressure rating and opens smoothly, minimizing any gas pressure surge to downstream components. When either an interlocking switch in the system opens or electrical power fails, the valve closes within one second.

The AutoTite valve is available in sizes of 1″ through 3″ and is offered with NPT threads. They are UL listed, FM Approved and CSA certified. These valves meet the system shutoff requirements of NFPA 86 and EN746-2 which include position indication and proof of closure.

These valves are UL listed, FM approved and CSA certified.


200 LT (Lock Tite)

Eclipse 200 LT (Lock Tite) valves are manually open-ing valves that automatically shut off the gas supply to a combustion system when any interlocking limit switch opens. The valve handle cannot be reset until the condition causing the open switch is corrected and all limit switches are closed. Typical limit switches include air pressure, gas pressure, temperature limit, and flame monitoring con-tacts. In the event of a power failure, the valve immediately closes.

Series 200 LT valves include two visual indicators of “open” or “closed” position: a red “flag” visible in the plastic dome on top of the valve; and the reset handle position as indicated by cast markings on the operator case. These valves also include two SPDT micro-switches that can be used for auxiliary circuits. Two contacts are made when the valve opens, and two are made when the valve is closed.

These valves are UL listed, FM approved and CSA certified. Rc threaded models carry the CE marking.


Adjustable Limiting Orifice Valve

Eclipse Adjustable Limiting Orifice Valves are recommended for installation in gas lines feeding nozzle mix burners as a means of gas flow adjustment for the desired air / gas ratio. The unique V-port design allows for extremely fine ratio adjustment. Adjustable Limiting Orifice Valves are available in five sizes from 3/4″ to 2″. Capacities when using natural gas range from 195cfh to 16,900 cfh depending on valve size and pressure drop taken (see Capacity Table). Maximum inlet pressure is 40 psi. Valve adjustment is readily accomplished by removing the cap and turning the stem assembly clockwise for reduced flow and counterclockwise for increased flow. Once adjustment has been made, replace the cap to prevent tampering with the adjustment and to protect the threads of the packing nut.

ALO Valves are designed for use as limiting orifices and should not be used as a substitute for a normal shut off valve. They should be preceded in the gas line by a suitable manual shut off valve such as a lubricated plug cock. For a right angle version of the Adjustable Limiting Orifice Valve, series ALO-R, see Bulletin 728.


Blast Gates

Eclipse Blast Gates are sturdy, inexpensive manual control valves for use with low-pressure air up to 5 psig. Accidental shut off is prevented by an adjustable locking device on the handle rod. This lock allows the minimum setting to be fixed at any point. The combination of a cast iron body and aluminum slide prevents the valve from freezing in one position. These blast gates are not gas tight and are therefore recommended for use on air lines only. They are suitable for 600°F. operation with a maximum temperature on the material of 700°F. 1″ thru 6″ sizes are furnished with threaded connections.


Butterfly Valve

Eclipse Butterfly Valves are designed to control air and gas flow to all types of combustion systems. They should not be used as tight shut-off valves. Types available Valves are available for either manual or automatic control and in either full port or reduced port construction in 1/2î through 4î, with NPT or Rc threads. High pressure drop valves are also available in 1/2î, 3/4î and 1î. Wafer type valves are available in 6î and 8î. The 1/2î through 4î valves are available with either NPT or Rc threads. The 6î and 8î valves are wafer type butterfly valves designed to be sandwiched between flanges on connecting pipes.


Series 1000 Disc Type Check Valve

Eclipse Series 1000 Disc Type Check Valves are designed to prevent reverse flow of gas or air, however, they are not designed for tight shut-off. They are especially suited for use in distribution systems and industrial plants. Series 1000 Valves are available in pipe sizes from 1/2î thru 8î. The design of these valves allows high capacities at a pressure drop only slightly higher than that of a corresponding size pipe. Flows range from 280 cfh to 42,000 cfh depending on valve size selected. All valve sizes will operate properly with a minimum inlet pressure of 1.5î w.c. Maximum inlet and back pressures range from 7 to 70 psig depending on valve size (see capacity table on page 2). Series 1000 Check Valves may be mounted either horizontally or vertically. If the valve is to be mounted vertically, the direction of flow must be up. The required minimum inlet pressure and the pressure drop thru the valve will increase with vertical mounting. The simple design and rugged construction of these valves makes it possible for them to deliver years of uninterrupted service. A removable top cover allows easy access for inspection and for performing any maintenance that may be necessary without removing the valve from the line. Maximum operating temperature for these valves is 200°F. When ordering, please specify the catalog number, pipe size, fluid (sp. gr.), inlet pressure and back pressure.


Gas Cocks Valve

Eclipse offers a full line of gas cocks for most any application.


Solenoid Valve

Eclipse offers a full line of solenoid valves for most all applications.



Blast Gates

For low pressure air control (5 PSIG = 350 mbar). Cast iron body with stainless steel, floating slide. Adjustable screw lock.


Butterfly Valves

Manual or motorized designs used to control combustion air up to 25 PSIG (1.7 bar) service. Rugged cast iron construction. Flanged (BV-F), threaded (TBV) or wafer (WBV). Various temperature ranges.


Gas Adjusters

The GAF meters the flow of gas to single or multiple burners. Low pressure drop. Micrometer adjustment. Flanged with threaded companion flange.


Gas Cocks Valve

Shut-off or adjustable for gas, air or oil. 2 way or 3 way type.


Manual Reset Valve

Positive shut-off for use with gas or oil. Full port valves. Quick closing. Manual reset. Indication of position. Many options available. Approved FM, UL and CSA.


Motorized Flanged Throttling Valves

The GTV Motorized Throttling Valves are used to control flames in atmospheric burner systems, in applications where both air and gas valves are motorized or in applications working “air constant.


Throttle Orifices

The TO THROTTLE ORIFICES are designed to provide an accurate flow control on air and sulphur-free gases in combustion systems.