Chattanooga PLC Automation Controls

PLC Automation Chattanooga
MSI services and installs many types of PLC’s and building automation systems. PLC’s such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, as well as Automation Direct, and building automation systems such as Niagara Tridium, Staefa, as well as ASI Controls are just a handful of the systems that MSI designs, services and maintains.


Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Large control systems are powerful control solutions delivering world-class capabilities while small control systems offer features and flexibility for complex machine control, batch processing and building automation without the overhead of larger systems. Micro and nano control systems offer basic control of simple machines for applications such as conveyor automation, security systems, and building and parking lot lighting. For more information about Programmable Logic Controllers, contact us at (423) 870-5558.

Building Automation Controls (BAC)

From security to elevators to HVAC to lighting, Building Automation Controls enable comprehensive monitoring and management of nearly every aspect of your facility. You can combine information from different systems, reduce energy costs, improve security and gain greater control. BACs are used to create “intelligent” buildings that are more efficient, safer, use less energy, have lower operating costs, and contribute to a sustainable environment.

Receive Ongoing Support from Metro Services Staff

Our team can help you get set up for remote access, which requires a one-time initial set up involving the installation of communication devices with MSI’s remote monitoring system. This is followed by the setup of a secure internet connection that, of course, prevents unwanted access.

This system, once installed, allows for ongoing remote monitoring and support of your system operations. Existing MSI customers utilizing this system along with MSI’s annual safety surveys will get one more added benefit, monthly readings that will be stored in an online folder. Each month an MSI technician will log in, check all systems and chart the findings. If anything looks awry, procedures can be implemented to prevent potential downtime in operations, therefore bolstering overall productivity.

Businesses that take advantage of this service have the option of monitoring their system operations with their own staff, or they can give our techs continued access to support their maintenance teams by troubleshooting issues and ensuring efficient operations on their behalf. For even further convenience, these automation controls give Metro Services technicians the ability to assist and troubleshoot issues over the phone without requiring in-person service calls.