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Indoor Air Quality Services

Sanitizing Light & Small Particle Filtration for Indoor Air Quality and Peace of Mind

Improve filtration efficiency and kill harmful airborne bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19, for Clean Air, a Healthy Staff, and a Productive Environment.

Work with our team of experts to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your space.


• Air Quality Testing
• Filtration Analysis
• Commercial Air Purification Design
• Mold Testing


• Ionization
• UV Lights
• HVAC Filters

“Since COVID-19 we have become more aware of airborne contaminants and the importance of taking measures to keep our air purified to the best of our abilities. We are experiencing improved morale, less absenteeism, and increased production in areas that have implemented IAQ improvement measures.”

Why Address Your Indoor Air Quality?

Reduce allergies, occurrences of the flu, colds, viruses, HVAC energy and maintenance costs, and save money with lower electric bills.

• Remove allergens and/or mold
• Reduce C02 levels
• Kill bacteria and viruses, including COVID-19
• Particle removal
• Odor elimination
• Coil cleaning
• Increase HVAC equipment efficiency

Beyond Filters and Coils

Changing air filters in your space can only help to mitigate particles of a certain size, while HVAC coils can often play host to the growth of mold, algae, and bio film. During a time in which air quality concerns have never been more critical, give your staff peace of mind by working beyond filters and coils. With the use of UV lights and ionization, we can eliminate harmful elements before they are circulated through your system and into your space.

Bi-Polar Ionization

The negative and positive IONS generated through bi-polar ionization charges even the smallest airborne particulates missed by HVAC coils and filters, causing them to bind together in clusters large enough for capture through filtration.

Add an ion generator to your space as an additional stage in the breakdown of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

UV Lights

UV Light cleans the surfaces of the coil within the HVAC system, as well as the air as it passes through the light beam. This contributes to improved indoor air quality, and a more efficient system, as well as lower electric bills.

• UV lights in ductwork and on HVAC coils to kill microorganisms and increase efficiency of your HVAC system
• Self-contained UV light units to sanitize the air within a space

Elevators and Small Spaces

Many people encounter elevators daily at work, on a trip to the dentist, and elsewhere. These small areas of shared space can be of concern when it comes to air quality and the spread of germs. The installation of a self-contained UV light can greatly reduce risks associated with tight spaces such as elevators, board rooms, conference rooms, and other common spaces by sanitizing the air within.

Introducing WebLink

Indoor Air Quality Online Dashboards

WebLink is an online dashboard for our customers that ensures every aspect of your Indoor Air Quality program is available to you 24/7. No more lost paperwork, warranty information, or work order questions!

• Pictures of your equipment, along with all model and serial numbers.
• System data and operating conditions, etc.
• Notes and recommendations from each visit.
• Video explanations of the services rendered
• Convenient online scheduling, just a click away!
• No more lost warranty paperwork!

WebLink Customer Dashboard offers convenience and accessibility with organized work orders, system data, easy service scheduling options, and a list of all your equipment models and series numbers online 24/7.