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Every Man a Warrior

EMAW is a discipleship Bible study that “Helps Men Succeed in Life.” We do this by striving to win everyday battles with the guidance of the gospel. Since 2011, 50,000 men in 53 countries and in 18 languages have been impacted by the EMAW curriculum.


Quick Time Sheet

Principles Father-Daughter, Father-Son Time

How to Share the Gospel with Your Children

Building Blocks Chart

EMAW Process Chart

Learning Pyramid Chart

One Verse Evangelism

How to Become a Christian


C12 is an architected environment for business, life, and leadership transformation for Christian CEOs and executives. C12 also encourages its leaders to view our business as a platform from which we can produce a Kingdom impact in the marketplace—a platform referred to as a Business as a Ministry (BaaM).


Business as a Ministry: Calculated Risks, Eternal Rewards

BaaM Best Practices Checklist

105 Business as a Ministry Ideas

Alignment and Accountability

Invest in Your Marriage, Not Just Your Business

4 Guideposts for Strategic Planning God’s Way

9 Must-Do Roles for a Christian CEO