Our Chattanooga Combustion Services

Metro Services, Inc. is dedicated to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing world-class service, without exception, across all product and service lines. We pledge to treat each customer, employee, vendor and subcontractor with integrity, honesty and fairness, thereby building long-term business and personal relationships. Each member of the Metro Services team works for and is committed to our customers and we realize that we would not be here without our customer’s commitment to us.

Service Offerings:


  1. Where can I find combustion engineering services in Chattanooga?
    Metro Services, Inc. offers an array of combustion engineering services to a range of customers across the globe. Their offerings include combustion services, HVAC services, automation controls, and solar services.
  2. Who repairs process heating equipment in Chattanooga?
    Metro Services offers field services and repairs of process heating equipment as well as their respective control systems.
  3. Does Metro Services do emergency repairs for process heating equipment?
    The MSI Service Center can dispatch a certified service technician to your site 24/7/365 to troubleshoot and repair your process heating equipment.
  4. Do repairs and troubleshooting service calls with Metro Services come with any warranty?
    All repairs performed by Metro Services are backed by a 90-day workmanship warranty and most replacement parts are backed by a 12-month warranty.
  5. What brands of equipment does Metro Services work on?
    Metro Services technicians are trained with a focus on energy reduction strategies, and have experience servicing equipment manufactured by all major brands.
  6. What does Metro Services specialize in?
    Metro Services, Incorporated offers best practice programs and advanced technologies to help keep your combustion equipment operating efficiently while minimizing emissions. Unparalleled experience in engineering, manufacturing, and servicing combustion and oxy-fuel burner systems translates into a broad base of expertise that can help you identify opportunities for improving the productivity, efficiency, and emissions of your process heating equipment.
  7. What does an energy audit entail?
    When you get an energy audit with Metro Services, our techs will use a combination of tools and methodologies to evaluate your process heating equipment, and to identify opportunities for more efficient use of fuel and combustion emissions. Recommendations are backed with statistical data/documentation to help you prioritize areas for combustion optimization and improvement.
  8. How do I know when it’s time to upgrade my combustion engineering equipment?
    If you think it might be time to upgrade or update your combustion engineering equipment, call on Metro Services, Incorporated. The team has an established track record of managing projects involving equipment upgrades and rebuilds to achieve customer objectives and increase productivity, safety and fuel efficiency.
  9. Does Metro Services offer burner repairs and tune ups?
    Yes, Metro Services offers burner repair and tune ups. The single most important factor to ensuring any process heating line is running as efficiently as possible is to know the burners are properly tuned. Burner Tune-Ups can account for a 10 percent increase in burner efficiency.
  10. How important is preventative maintenance in the process heating industry?
    While downtime is an inevitable evil in the process heating industry, a sound preventative maintenance schedule greatly reduces these occurrences. Metro Services offers monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual maintenance contracts to help your business avoid costly downtime.