Chattanooga Infrared Inspections

Metro Services, Incorporated offers the latest technology in infrared inspections for both residential and commercial buildings, flat roof, electrical & mechanical infrared inspection services. Our company uses a new generation of thermal imaging cameras/technology to locate and identify problems not visible to the eye. Thermal Imaging software is used to provide fully comprehensive post image analysis & report generation features.

Why Infrared Imaging?

Excessive heat in electrical system components is an indication of potential equipment failure. Over heating components can cause problems that can lead to expensive or even misfortunate failures resulting in costly downtime. Visual & Manual inspection methods of finding these potential failures are both costly and time consuming.

Save Money and Reduce Downtime

Metro Services, Incorporated can accurately locate the abnormalities that threaten employee safety & reliability of your electrical system components by using the latest generation of infrared technology. By finding repairs before failure occurs, productivity, profitability, & work place safety are all increased.

Infrared thermography enables us to see and measure heat. All materials on earth put of heat, in the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. Simple thermal images (thermographic) allow us to see the thermally reveling anomalies that in turn identify problems in residential or commercial building, flat roofs, electrical and mechanical components. The infrared camera can also record temperature measurements of specific objects. The points of possible interest show up clearly as hot or cold in relation to their surroundings.


  • Commercial Buildings
  • Homes & Apartments
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Facilities


Home Efficiency Inspection
A home efficiency inspection is used to verify many items in construction providing documentation of the conditions inspected. It is Ideal to conduct an inspection immediately after completion of construction while home or new construction is still under warranty with your Building Contractor.

Home Efficiency inspection is used to pinpoint energy related problems caused by poor design, workmanship, or material failure.

  • Location of studs and insulation
  • Identify air leakage energy losses
  • Reduce heating and cooling energy losses
  • Detect poor electrical connection, overloaded circuits and other electrical imbalances
  • Locate missing, improperly installed, wet or damaged insulation in walls, floors, and ceilings


Electrical Inspections
  • Detect poor connections, short circuits, overloads, and other imbalances
  • Locate problems without interrupting service
  • Minimize down time by locating problems quickly
  • Reduce unscheduled power outages
  • Substation Thermography
  • Sliding and bolted connections
  • Oil coolant flow
  • Control cabinet Heaters
  • Leaking current
  • Inductive Heating
  • Look at hundreds of connections relatively quickly


Process Monitoring / Inspections
  • Compressors
  • Pumps
  • Monitor production process temperature
  • Cold storage containers
  • Trace heating systems
  • Pipe blockages
  • Thermal profiling
  • Check Tank Levels
  • Detect problems with process equipment and processes
Mechanical Inspections
  • Detect problems in fluid flow, insulation systems, rotating equipment and power transmission
  • Locate misalignment of coupled equipment
  • Minimize downtime
  • Detect poor electrical connection, overloaded circuits and other electrical imbalances
Flat Roof, Stucco, and Moisture Inspections

Indicate signs of wet or defective insulation within the roof or wall structure can be detected quickly and accurately. This allows repairs to be done of the defective area, reducing costs by only replacing and repairing what is needed instead of the entire area.

  • Pinpoint water damaged areas quickly
  • Eliminate replacement of the roof and wall areas that are good
  • For non-destructive moisture evaluation
  • Document problems