Chattanooga NFPA Compliance Surveys and Accident Investigations

MSI has established a safety survey that meets and exceeds the NFPA Article 86 guidelines. The safety survey covers the NFPA’s requirement of annual testing and includes burner adjustments and a detailed report of all findings. If needed MSI can tailor the safety survey to meet other requirements such as UL, CSA and other entities. MSI’s safety survey program includes access to a password protected web portal. Developed after a recommendation from a longtime customer the web portal gives you access to your company’s entire service history at MSI. All reports, settings, pictures, recommendations, model numbers, serial numbers, etc. can be accessed with the click of a mouse.

MSI Safety Survey Specifications

Metro Services believes that safety is of the utmost importance. Safety is achieved by a combination of three steps. The first is knowledge. You have to understand how something works to know whether or not it is defective. The second is a sound maintenance routine. You have to take your knowledge and apply it to your equipment on a regular basis. The final and most important step deals with your attitude. You have to genuinely care about the welfare of yourself and others around you. Metro Services has developed a program using the following 20-point checklist, which will provide a safer and more reliable combustion system for you. Our program comes with a detailed field service report including burner settings, switch settings, operating temperatures, code violations and/or changes as well as any recommendations we may have. Our Safety Survey is designed to meet and exceed the NFPA 86 requirement for annual testing of your combustion equipment. We can also tailor our checks to meet FM as well as CNA and other requirements as needed. In addition to the safety checks each of your burners will also be tuned to fire at their optimum efficiencies. In this day and age of progressively higher fuel prices cost effective combustion systems are a must.

Preventive Maintenance

A well-planned preventive maintenance program can play a major role in maximizing uptime and avoiding the aggravations of unexpected and costly downtime. Annual tune-ups will optimize the performance of your combustion equipment and maximize your operating efficiency. Preventive maintenance impacts the reliability, efficiency, and overall performance of your combustion equipment. Our maintenance programs will optimize the performance of your combustion equipment and maximize your operating efficiency. Work can be scheduled and performed on a time and materials basis. Efficient combustion not only consumes significantly less fuel, but converts fuel to BTUs more efficiently, resulting in additional savings. Efficiently operating combustion equipment consumes substantially less fuel, resulting in significant cost-savings. A preventive maintenance program can also identify necessary repairs and long-term corrective work so you can proactively plan and budget for these expenses.