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Chattanooga Liquid Heating Burners

MSI’s liquid heating line is can handle many different solutions in applications like tank heating, spray washing, etc. Just let us know the gallons of liquid, the temperature you need, and your application and MSI engineers will do the rest. Not limited by one single brand of burner Metro Services, Inc. (MSI) can supply the best burner for any project. Exact specifications are detailed below.


SD 170

Selectos industrial package burner, rated for outputs between 90kw to 190kW. Supplied with integral fan, fuel train and control box, options available for on/off, high/low and modulating gas only (oil on/off only). The burner is of rugged industrial design and is suitable for natural gas, LPG or oil. The Selectos range has been applied for many years on ovens, spray booths, dryers, and furnaces. Options available for tube-firing on gas (300kW tube-fire special available upon request).



The ImmersoJet (IJ)

The Eclipse ImmersoJet (IJ) is a nozzle-mix tube-firing burner that is designed to fire at high velocities through small diameter immersion tubes.

The combustion gases from the burner scrub the inner tube surface and produce high heat transfer rates. This, in combination with the high velocity flow through the smaller diameter tubes allows for system efficiencies in excess of 80%.

The smaller IJ tubes also have smaller bends which means less tank space is occupied by the tubes. With a combustion chamber that is integral to the burner body, the new version of the ImmersoJet can sit lower on the tank than previous IJ models.


  • Type: Nozzle mixing
  • Number of Sizes: 5 (2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″)
  • Capacity Range: 370,000 to 8,000,000 Btu/Hr (108 to 2344 kW)
  • Turndown: 8:1
  • Process Temperature: 200-400°F (93-204°C)
  • Fuels: Natural Gas, propane, butane


Immerso-Pak Burners (IP)

Eclipse Immerso-Pak Burners (IP) are packaged burners that are easy to install, simple to operate, and offer long service life in industrial environments.

They are ideal for heating immersion tubes on cleaning tanks, spray washers, salt baths, quenching tanks, tempering tanks, asphalt tanks, and similar equipment. IP burners are available with two different valve train packages, as detailed on page 2. With the standard valve train, simply mount the burner on the immersion tube and connect gas and electricity.


  • Type: Nozzle mixing
  • Number of Sizes: 2 (4″, 5″, 6″)
  • Capacity Range: 300,000 to 500,000 Btu/Hr (88 to 146 kW)
  • Turndown: N/A
  • Process Temperature: 200-400°F (93-204°C)
  • Fuels: Natural Gas, propane, butane


ImmersoPak V2

The Eclipse ImmersoPak (Series IP version 2.00) is a nozzle-mix burner with a packaged combustion air blower that is designed to fire on-ratio (proportional air/gas control) or fixed air on smaller models over a turndown of 10:1. Integral gas and air orifices are provided to ease burner setup. The burner is designed for:

  • efficient ratio controlled combustion
  • reliable burner operation
  • simple burner adjustment
  • direct spark ignition
  • multiple fuel capability

A wide variety of options and configurations are available due to the modular design of the burner.


  • Type: Nozzle mixing
  • Number of Sizes: 8
  • Capacity Range: 500,000 to 7,000,000 Btu/Hr (147 to 2050 kW)
  • Turndown: 90:1
  • Process Temperature: 1500-1900°F (815-1039°C)
  • Fuels: Natural Gas, propane, butane