Multiplex MP Series Burners

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Metro Services Inc. has the reliable, efficient, and available solution you have been looking for. MSI is the Premier Distributor of Nu-Way Burners for North America and maintains a supply of the Multiplex MP Series Burners from Nu-Way on our shelves. With ranges from 70,000Btu/Hr – 40,000,000 Btu/Hr in stock, we are prepared to provide a wide range of combustion solutions to meet your specific needs.

How do Metro Services Multiplex MP Series burners work?

There are two methods of control that we typically use for these burners: Fixed Air / Fuel Modulation or Ratio Control.

Ratio control is a means of control that provides consistent flame across the entire range of turndown. This method is highly efficient and meaning it will maintain a constant flow curve across the firing range of the burner from low to high fire by controlling the air and gas at the same time.

Fixed Air / Fuel Modulation is a means of control that keeps the air constant and controls the fuel alone. This method is a reliable way to control but is not as efficient as the ratio control. Some instances require this type of control when the environment contains excess dust or contaminants that can filter into the combustion air.

How can our Multiplex burners help you?

The Multiplex basic burner is the perfect solution for those seeking a reliable and efficient heating source. This burner is supplied without a combustion tunnel, making it easy to mount directly onto the wall of your application. With burners available for commercial gas, oil, and dual fuel, you can customize your heating system to suit your needs.

The Multiplex burners offer various combustion tunnel materials should the basic burner not be what you are looking for. Each is intended to provide versatility and options for different applications. All sizes, in all materials, can be supplied with extended projection. The combustion tunnels available include:

Metal Combustion Tunnels – For low-temperature applications up to 850°F, a standard stainless steel material can be used for the combustion tunnel. For high-temperature applications up to 1650°F, a high-quality heat-resistant stainless steel is available.

Silicon Carbide Tunnels – For high-temperature applications up to 2375°F, such as ceramic fiber-lined furnaces and kilns, silicon carbide combustion tunnels can be ordered. However, know that they are available for up to MP10 only in high velocity, up to MP15 only in medium velocity, and unavailable for low velocity.

Refractory Combustion Tunnels – For high-temperature applications up to 2650°C, conventional refractory quarls together with holders are available. These quarls can be cased in heat-resisting stainless steel if required.

Please note that the above information is only meant as a general guideline.

Discover the capabilities of Multiplex MP Series burners for yourself.

Metro Services Inc.’s Multiplex gas, oil, and dual fuel burners offer a host of features that make them an exceptional choice for a wide range of applications. Thanks to their exceptional flame stability, these burners require low air and gas pressure requirements. They are also available with a range of extended projections to meet your specific needs.

These burners offer low, medium, and high-velocity options and feature a wide turndown of up to 30:1 on gas. For added convenience, the inner assembly can be easily removed for maintenance and cleaning. When it comes to combustion tunnel options, you can choose from heat-resistant metal, refractory, and silicon carbide. With all these features and more, we are proud to offer them as our in-house burners.

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