What is Metro Services?
Metro Services is a company that specializes in Combustion Engineering, HVAC field services, mechanical contracting services, emission testing, code compliance, field service of HVAC, PLC, BAS and process heating equipment, engineering to reduce fuel usage, heat recovery, energy audits, and much more.

What companies has Metro Services done work for in the past?
Our engineers and technicians have met the demands of many companies including The Boeing Company, Ford, GM, Georgia-Pacific, Owens Corning, and Tyson.

Does Metro Services conduct safety surveys or accident investigations?
MSI has established a safety survey that meets and exceeds the NFPA Article 86 guidelines. The safety survey covers the NFPA’s requirement of annual testing and includes burner adjustments and a detailed report of all findings. If needed MSI can tailor the safety survey to meet other requirements such as UL, CSA and other entities.

What services does Metro Services offer?
Metro Services offers combustion engineering services– field services and repairs of process heating equipment as well as their respective control systems. We also offer best practice programs and advanced technologies to help keep your combustion equipment operating efficiently while minimizing emissions. Look to us for energy audits, system upgrades or rebuilds, project management, technical assistance, and managed implementation.

Where can I find industrial burner repair and tune up services for my business?
Metro Services is your single source for burner repairs and service. We service most types of burners including but not limited to natural gas, propane, butane, fuel oil of all types, waste oil, landfill gas and many others. We can help you solve your process heating issues in a timely and efficient manner.

How important is burner tune-up service in process heating applications?
The single most important factor to ensuring your process heating line is running as efficiently as possible is to know your burners are properly tuned. Burner Tune-Ups can account for a 10 percent increase in burner efficiency. On a 1 mm btu/hr burner at $0.90 per Therm and 4800 operational hours per year this is a savings of about $4,800.00 for just one burner! Let MSI’s field service team put money back in your pocket.

How important is preventative maintenance?
A well-planned preventive maintenance program can play a major role in maximizing uptime and avoiding the aggravations of unexpected and costly downtime. Annual tune-ups will optimize the performance of your combustion equipment and maximize your operating efficiency. Preventive maintenance impacts the reliability, efficiency, and overall performance of your combustion equipment. Our maintenance programs will optimize the performance of your combustion equipment and maximize your operating efficiency. Work can be scheduled and performed on a time and materials basis.

Where can I find energy efficiency services for my business?
Metro Services Incorporated helps businesses to study where waste is happening and recommend solutions that help improve the bottom line. Testing and calibrations enable us to measure equipment performance, offer recommendations and make adjustments to better control emissions. This is a better outcome for companies as well as the environment.

What kind of combustion safety training does Metro Services offer?
MSI offers combustion and safety training classes that are custom tailored to the specific equipment at your facility. Topics include combustion theory, air and fuel delivery systems, burner adjustment, and safety in combustion systems as well as preventative maintenance techniques. The training classes are PowerPoint driven and offer a hybrid of classroom and hands-on study to suit different learning styles and more effectively drive key points home. The hands-on study is conducted using MSI’s test burners and flame safeguard learning modules.

What are the benefits of waste heat recovery?
Waste-gas heat losses are unavoidable in the operation of all fuel-fired furnaces, kilns, boilers, ovens, and dryers. Reducing these losses results in improving the energy efficiency of furnaces and other process heating equipment. Reducing waste heat means lower energy consumption, improved furnace efficiency, lower emissions, and can contribute also to more consistent product quality and equipment reliability.

Where can I get support with NFPA Compliance Surveys and Accident Investigations in Chattanooga?
MSI has established a safety survey that meets and exceeds the NFPA Article 86 guidelines. The safety survey covers the NFPA’s requirement of annual testing, as well as burner adjustments followed up with a detailed report of all findings. If needed, MSI can also tailor the safety survey to meet other requirements such as UL, CSA and other entities.

Does Metro Services offer HVAC services?
Our highly skilled team provides a full scope of mechanical HVAC expertise for all types of commercial systems in office buildings, medical complexes, high-tech computer areas, as well as other highly specialized facilities. Our team believes in the power of preventative maintenance to keep HVAC equipment operating at peak efficiency, while also helping to avoid equipment failures that can be interruptive and costly.

What type of automation control services does MSI offer?
Metro Services is versed in the implementation and maintenance of automation systems. Our team installs and services many types of PLC’s and building automation systems. PLC’s such as Allen Bradley, Siemens, as well as Automation Direct, and building automation systems such as Niagara Tridium, Staefa, as well as ASI Controls are just a handful of the systems that MSI designs, services and maintains. We can also help with setting up remote access for easy monitoring of systems from anywhere with an internet connection.

Does Metro Services also sell industrial burner and combustion engineering products?
MSI carries an extensive line of commercial and industrial burners, blower and gas boosters, control panels, flame monitoring systems, heat exchangers, HVAC equipment, mixers and vaporizers, measurement and controls, regulators, shut-off and control valves, and valve trains.

How important is commercial HVAC maintenance?
Metro Services, Inc. believes that spending a small amount on preventative maintenance for your HVAC equipment will save you money in the long run.

What are the benefits of preventative maintenance for HVAC equipment?
Both residential and commercial HVAC equipment stands to benefit from regular maintenance. Our preventative maintenance program helps to ensure your HVAC components are in the best working condition year round for a small annual fee. A more efficient system means lower electricity bills, as well as less potential for equipment issues or failure.

What would a preventative maintenance HVAC service with MSI include?
Our HVAC services include but are not limited to cleaning and lubricating all moving parts, checking safety controls, checking thermostat calibration, checking all electrical components, checking all gas lines, fans, heat exchangers, and burners, checking for carbon monoxide leaks, checking operation pressures, and more.

Does MSI offer residential HVAC services?
Yes, if you have issues with your residential HVAC system, or the units at your office or place of business, Metro Services can help. Our experienced team of technicians can diagnose and repair issues that may arise with your air conditioner or furnace, restoring things to working order again.

What Indoor Air Quality services does MSI offer?
MSI offers a variety of services to improve indoor air quality for both residential and commercial customers. Services include air quality testing, filtration analysis, commercial air purification system design, mold testing, ionization, UV light installation, HVAC filtration, and more.

What are the benefits of indoor air quality services?
Addressing your indoor air quality issues can help to reduce allergies, occurrences of the flu, colds, and viruses, increase HVAC performance, and help lower electric bills.

What indoor air quality options do customers have for elevators and small spaces?
MSI can help address concerns with IAQ within small spaces and elevators with the installation of a self-contained UV light which can greatly reduce risks associated with tight spaces such as elevators, board rooms, conference rooms, and other common spaces by sanitizing the air within.

How can MSI customers track and address their Indoor Air Quality progress?
MSI customers can track and address issues with indoor air quality via WebLink, an online dashboard for our customers that ensures every aspect of your Indoor Air Quality program is available to you 24/7. No more lost paperwork, warranty information, or work order questions!