Commercial HVAC Services in Chattanooga and Beyond

At Metro Services, our skilled team offers a full complement of mechanical HVAC expertise for all types of commercial systems in office buildings, medical complexes, high-tech computer areas and other highly-specialized facilities. Count on Metro Services, Incorporated to provide professional quality facility services to building owners and property managers.
We subscribe to the belief that maintenance matters. When you make regular commercial HVAC maintenance a priority, you can reap the myriad of benefits that follow, such as:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Less likelihood of untimely and costly repairs and downtime
  • Maximized lifespan of your HVAC system components
  • No surprises
commercial HVAC services Chattanooga through MSI
Our Team offers repair services as well as preventative maintenance plans that include spring and fall system check ups that include the following tasks:


    1. Full inspection and cleaning of all outdoor commercial HVAC components
    2. Measurement of refrigerant levels, recharging when necessary
    3. Inspection and cleaning of blower, belts, coils, and other indoor cooling system components
    4. Inspection and cleaning of burning assemblies, ignition systems, and other indoor components of the heating system
    5. Testing of control systems
    6. Air filter checks
    7. Thermostat calibration and programming when necessary
    8. Visual inspection of drip pans, drain lines, and other system components 
Our experienced technicians can help ensure your commercial HVAC system is operating at peak performance to save you money and hassle in the long run. Contact us today for a quote, or to schedule repairs or preventive maintenance for your systems. 

Contact us to set up your maintenance schedule.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is of the utmost importance– especially as it pertains to harmful particles and germs that can be circulated by your HVAC system. There’s a lot that goes into ensuring peak performance as indoor air quality is concerned, and our team can help ensure the air in your building or plant is clean and safe.