Solar Energy

We provide the education, resources and services necessary to assist our customers with increasing their understanding of this commitment through the use of solar power systems and other energy reduction methods. By leading the way, MSI hopes to help others lower their carbon footprint, optimize their HVAC and combustion systems, capture and utilize waste heat, as well as generate power and heat from solar and wind sources.

Chattanooga Solar Panel Installation Services

Metro Services, Inc. is committed to environmental responsibility and the reduction of our world’s dependency on fossil fuels. Our solar systems are integrated into roofing systems as investments that add value to a house or business. Canopies, skylights, trellises and carports help to beautify the look of solar panels and help with your power bill.

Why Solar Panels?

Metro Services offers solar panel installation Chattanoooga.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels will be the best investment on your structure, by far! With the tax rebates and incentives offered today, solar panels are economical and efficient for your home or business. You simply cannot lose with Solar Panels installed by Metro Solar.

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You could save hundreds from switching to solar energy! Try our solar savings calculator to see the incentives and tax rebates your expected to receive in your state.

Why Metro Solar?

We have been in business for over 20 years with an exceptional reputation. Our customers include commercial and residential buildings located throughout the country.

How Solar Panels Work

Ever wonder how the sunlight converts into energy — or how some houses and business actually sell their energy back to the power company? If you are generating more power than you are using, then your local power facility will often buy the power from you.
solar energy grid
1. Solar Panels
Light from the sun consists of particles called photons. As photons are absorbed by the solar panels the photoelectric effect causes the flow of free electrons — electricity!
2. Amp Meter
This meter measures the instantaneous solar current output from the solar panel. You can watch the current increase and decrease as clouds pass overhead.
3. Grid Interactive Inverter
This is the device where direct current (DC) from the solar panels is transformed into 240 volt alternating current (AC) at 50 Hertz, suitable for running household appliances.
4. Kilo-Watt-Hour Meter
The kilo-Watt-hour (kWh) meter is a cumulative measurement of solar electricity which shows the total amount of electricity produced by the solar panel in kWh units.
5. Main Switchboard
The main switchboard is the common link in the whole grid interactive solar system.
6. Electricity Grid
When the solar panels are generating more electricity than the needed load, the excess power is exported to the electricity grid. The grid supplies electricity to the switchboard on a cloudy day or during the evening when the solar panels are not generating electricity. Additionally, the grid supplies electricity to the main switchboard when consumption of electricity is greater than the amount of electricity the solar panels are producing.
7. Electricity Load
The load is the electricity that appliances such as lights, computers, and refrigerators are consuming. Electricity is supplied to the appliances via the switchboard.