Remote Access While Practicing Social Distancing

During these times of social distancing and working remotely to prevent the spread of COVID-19, our team at Metro Services Inc. can help support your business’s functionality via automation controls. These automation controls allow for the remote monitoring of your burner systems and other system operations from anywhere with an Internet connection– ie. the safety of your own home office.

This service provides the blanket benefit of remote access, but is particularly applicable given the current state of affairs. As businesses attempt to work from home as much as possible, and minimize contact with others during service calls, remote access to their systems provides them with more control without compromising safety.

One-Time Setup, Ongoing Support

This remote access service only requires a one-time initial set up, which involves the installation of communication devices with MSI’s remote monitoring system, followed by the setup of a secure internet connection that, of course, prevents unwanted access. Once installed, this system allows for ongoing remote monitoring and support. Existing MSI customers utilizing this system along with MSI’s annual safety surveys will get one more added benefit, monthly readings which will be stored in an online folder. Each month an MSI technician will login, check all systems and chart the findings. If anything looks awry procedures can be implemented to prevent a possible stop in operations.

Businesses that take advantage of this service have the option of monitoring their burner systems and various other operations on their own, or they can give our techs continued access to support their maintenance teams by troubleshooting issues and ensuring efficient operations on their behalf. These automation controls give Metro Services technicians the ability to assist and troubleshoot issues over the phone without requiring in-person service calls.

Let MSI Help

“For all those having to adhere to social distancing orders right now, this solution still gives them the ability to work with team members on the ground to keep their systems working without having to go on site,” MSI Vice President, Jeff Theobald, said. “For people who are hesitant to have contractors come in, this is a great solution that doesn’t impede social distancing protocols.”

If you have interest in implementing remote monitoring systems within your business, get in touch with our expert team today. We can help ensure your team’s efficiency and success even in these uncertain times.