For many, maintaining propane systems is an important part of job site maintenance, and Metro Services can help you achieve this safely and effectively through various combustion engineering services. We can quickly and safely evacuate propane tanks anywhere without venting any raw propane into the atmosphere. Our experienced combustion technicians can assist with anything from regular tank inspections to tuning your propane backup system to ensure peak performance and efficiency.

Our team offers services in the areas of:

  1. Tank inspection
  2. Valve and/or gauge replacement
  3. Propane backup system tuning
  4. Environmental site cleaning
  5. Waste gas flaring
  6. Flaring of any propane vapor or liquid application

What is propane tank flaring?

Flaring is the burning of waste gasses through a flare stack or other combustion device. Within propane systems, tank flaring is performed as a way to remove dangerous gasses with lower harm to the environment. It is also used in safely regulating pressure in chemical plants, as well as in handling natural gas release in wells.

Why is flaring performed?

In general, flaring is performed for safety to create pressure relief without irresponsibly venting dangerous chemicals to the environment. Flaring often occurs during the discovery and testing of processes. For instance, during the operation of a well, there can be gases that are not economical to transport or capture and are thus flared. Flaring can also occur during chemical processing. In chemical processing, flaring is usually enlisted to remove waste products or in the event that emergency pressure relief becomes necessary. Start-up and shutdown of various plants are also instances in which flaring is common.

MSI for Fuel System Services

Our expert technicians at Metro Services can help ensure your propane systems are operating as they should. In addition to installing and maintaining these systems from the jump, we can flare the fuel as needed for scheduled tank checks and to ensure pressures remain at safe levels. Our team also supplies additional components including propane blenders, propane mixers, and propane vaporizers for clients who stand to benefit from these modifications. Ensuring that your systems are operating at peak performance and safely is what we do best. Contact our team today to get started!