Industrial Combustion Support with Metro Services

Generally speaking, combustion is defined as the oxidation of fuels through the rapid combination of hydrogen and carbon contained in the fuel with the oxygen contained in atmospheric air. This process releases heat at relatively high temperatures, which can then be used for heating in a wide variety of industrial processes.

A cornerstone of industrial development for nearly two centuries, combustion, or the burning of fuel to produce heat or other forms of power, is an integral part of industrial processes. Although we’ve gained more understanding of the fundamental science of combustion over the years, regulatory and competitive forces are driving the need for combustion equipment with improved performance, lower environmental impact, and greater flexibility, and at a reasonable price.

Metro Services possesses the experience and skills necessary to support customers in all areas of combustion services. From helping implement the latest technologies to repairs and troubleshooting to energy audits, our team of technicians excels at streamlining processes for greater performance and efficiency as well as cost savings.


Burners are integral parts of boiler and industrial heating systems, and consequently, are used in a variety of industrial combustion applications. Our team serves as a one stop shop for all things burner– from finding the right type for your particular application to repairs and ongoing service when needed.

Burner tune-ups are the single most important factor in ensuring your process heating is effective and running as efficiently as possible, and our team can help ensure yours are properly tuned. This form of maintenance will not only ensure safety within your processes, but also has the power to save you thousands of dollars in fuel savings.

Combustion Safety and Training with MSI

In addition to ensuring your processes are running at peak efficiently, our team also offers support in the areas of training and combustion safety. Safe processes are critical to your business’s success, and at Metro Services, we curate safety training courses that are custom tailored to your business, your facility, and your exact equipment needs. Areas of focus include:

  • Combustion Theory
  • Air and Fuel Delivery Systems
  • Burner Adjustment Technique
  • Preventative Maintenance Methods
  • And Safety in Combustion Systems

Work with our professional staff to overhaul your processes, ensure your equipment is working for you as it should, bring your employees up to speed in terms of safety, and more. Metro Services offers support in every potential facet of combustion services, and we would love the opportunity to work with you and your team. Contact us today to get started!