When it comes to the combustion engineering industry, safety and NFPA compliance are guiding factors for every project. These safety evaluations are a critical part of business, and it’s important to work with professionals who are industry experts in the areas of fuel systems and combustion safety. Ticking all the right boxes can mean the difference between staying in business and keeping technicians safe day after day, or a less ideal alternative.

We’re Safety Survey Experts.

At Metro Services, we have developed tried-and-true methods for assessing safety factors, and ensuring our clients are meeting the NFPA Article 86 guidelines. Our survey covers the NFPA’s requirement for annual testing, but it also involves burner testing and adjustments, as well as a detailed report of all findings, which helps our customers refine their processes, save time and money, and ensure their employees are working in a safe environment at all times.

There are many benefits to working with Metro for your safety compliance needs, and they all stem from the fact that we are well-versed experts in every aspect of combustion engineering. We understand all the ins and outs and nuances of combustion science, burner systems, and the safety factors that come into play throughout. In addition to that we:

  • Have a vetted safety survey process that has proven successful for many clients over many years.
  • We include an assessment of all moving parts of your process to ensure safety and efficient operations.
  • We provide a detailed report of all findings including areas of concern or potential areas for improvement.
  • We share all collected information– reports, settings, images, model and serial numbers, recommendations, etc.– with you through a navigable web portal that gives you easy access to findings anytime you need it.
  • Our safety surveys meet NFPA Article 86 guidelines, and can be tailored to meet FM and CNA requirements, and others, based on client needs.
  • We offer preventative maintenance services to help ensure safety requirements are being met throughout the year, and that unplanned downtime is a thing of the past.

No-Stress Safety Compliance with MSI

Work with Metro Services for your annual safety surveys and NFPA compliance needs, for full-service solutions from professionals who know combustion engineering and safety backwards and forwards.