Here at Metro Services, Inc., we make it our mission to provide a wide variety of services to our clients in order to help them run their business more efficiently and maintain appropriate safety standards throughout their facility. Our combustion and safety training classes are tailored to the equipment of your facility, meaning that each of our courses is custom designed to provide the maximum benefits to you. Topics covered in our safety workshops include combustion theory, burner adjustments, air and fuel delivery systems, and safety in combustion systems as well as preventative maintenance techniques. Here are some of the benefits that our courses offer:

Training Increases Safety of Personnel and Equipment


In any industry, the safety and health of both the equipment used and the people operating the equipment is a top priority. For your business to run, your machines have to produce as much as possible. Downtime associated with an equipment failure is especially costly to business owners because, in many cases, production at the facility can be severely hindered by even a single machine being down. Additionally, if any worker in the facility receives an injury during their time at work, not only are they out of commission for a while, but their highly trained position is either left vacant or, in situations where a replacement is brought in, productivity is reduced because the new person will need to be trained on how to operate the equipment. Our training courses help ensure that the safety of equipment and personnel is a major focus of everyone involved in the facility.

Reduce Interruptions in Production


While it is true the safe way may not always be the fastest, it is the best way to guarantee the maximum amount of productivity is achieved long-term. Making sure that your workers are thoroughly educated on the operation and maintenance of your equipment means they are less likely to cause damage to said equipment during operation and, if they do notice that something seems off about the machine, they are able to properly diagnose the issue before it becomes something major. Verifying that your workers are aware of the proper safety protocols in place, as well as the status of their machines, ensures the machines continue to operate as efficiently as possible and goes a long way in reducing the amount of interruptions that can occur in a production facility.

Certify That Your Workers are as Safe as Possible


In any industry, whether it be a restaurant, amusement park, or production line, it is important that employees not only practice safe working habits but that they know exactly what those safety standards are. With our training courses, we give in depth instruction to your workforce about the particular machines in your facility so that all of your personnel are aware of the dos and don’ts in their particular area of production. Not only does this help to protect you as a business owner, it helps to make sure your workers are knowledgeable when it comes to activities that could cause harm to themselves or the machinery they work with.

If you would like to learn more about the combustion & safety training courses we offer, please visit our contact page or give us a call at 423.870.5558.