Protect Your Combustion Equipment With Regular Maintenance


Here at Metro Services Inc., we believe that regularly scheduled preventative maintenance can go a long way in protecting your investment. While it’s a universal fact that downtime is an inevitable evil in the process heating industry, we have seen firsthand that preventative maintenance greatly reduces the instances where downtime occurs. To ensure that our customers experience as little downtime as possible, we offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual preventative maintenance contracts. However, we’re not going to talk about our services in this blog; instead, let’s talk about why a preventative maintenance program is so important and how it can save you money.


Preventative Maintenance Increases Productivity


Many factors come into play when trying to measure operational efficiency. The amount of time workers spend on a task, the efficiency of resources used during a project, quality control checks – all of these things are used to determine the operational efficiency of a facility. Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors of operational efficiency is the amount of downtime that a facility experiences in a given financial year. If the facility experiences a lot of downtime, the production capabilities of the facility naturally decline. With regular maintenance, a facility can ensure they have the most up time possible. This leads to a greater return on investment for the facility and a faster turnaround time for production.


Maximizing Your Investment


Anyone in the industry can tell you that combustion equipment does not come cheap. For this reason, it makes more sense for a facility to spend a relatively small amount of money on preventative maintenance in order to make sure that the reliability, efficiency, and overall performance of said combustion equipment is kept at an optimal level. Think of it this way: does it make sense to buy a car, never change the oil, and then get a new one when the engine inevitably blows up? We didn’t think so. Our preventative maintenance makes sure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your combustion equipment, eliminating the need to buy new equipment for years to come. What’s more, combustion equipment that is operating as efficiently as possible consumes less fuel but converts fuel to BTUs more efficiently, resulting in additional savings that can be spent on other aspects of the business.


Peace of Mind


Peace of mind is one of those weird things in life. It’s not easy to put a price on it but, when you have it, it feels priceless. Our preventative maintenance on ovens, furnaces, and boilers gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your equipment is not only running as it should be, but that it will be running as it should be for the foreseeable future. This allows facilities to do what they are meant to do without having to worry about whether or not their combustion equipment is going to experience a malfunction at an inconvenient time.


Identify Problems Before They Happen


We’ve all been there. You wake up in the morning, you get ready for work, you step outside and see that your vehicle has a flat tire. Somewhere along the line, a leak formed in the wall of your tire and before you know it, your truck is sitting on its rim in your driveway. Wouldn’t it be better if you had a little warning before a situation like this occurs? With our maintenance programs, we can help to identify problem areas, allowing facilities to take the appropriate steps to avoid a full break down of their combustion equipment. Shutting down a piece of equipment for 3 hours to repair it is much better than having to shut it down for two days while you diagnose the problem and then wait for the appropriate replacement part to come in.

We hope that this blog has been informative and that you understand a bit better why preventative maintenance is important for facilities that use combustion equipment. If it has been awhile since your equipment has been inspected or you simply need to schedule an inspection to meet guideline requirements, please get in touch with us by visiting our website or giving us a call at 423.870.5558. We have been helping Chattanooga area businesses since 1986 and we have the experience it takes to make sure that your equipment is running as efficiently as possible.