NFPA Compliance, Safety, & Efficiency

As combustion engineering experts, Metro Services Inc (MSI) operates from a mission to help businesses operate safely, efficiently, and compliantly is paramount. There is so much that goes into combustion and burner safety, from understanding the appropriate NFPA Articles to ensuring customer staff is up to speed on all requirements and possible scenarios. Working safely and effectively is key, and the services offered at MSI are designed through experience and customer feedback to give their customers the most benefit possible.

Combustion University

MSI offers combustion and safety training, safety surveys, accident investigations, burner tune-ups, and preventative maintenance so companies can work smarter, plan better, and most importantly, operate safely. It’s of the highest importance at MSI to help continuously educate their customers, keeping them informed with the most current information about combustion and burner safety.

Combustion University, an in-depth resource provided through MSI’s website, exists for this very reason. MSI wants to be a source of valuable and applicable information for their clients, and this is a great springboard for delving deeper into topics that will help companies streamline their business processes, as well as bolster awareness and implementation of safety practices that will ensure their staff can work efficiently and out of harm’s way.

This resource goes into detail on subjects such as boiler education, combustion theory, combustion engineering, waste heat recovery, and much more. Check out some of the content in MSI’s Combustion University catalog here. Look it over, then get in touch today for further information about any of MSI’s services. Remember, this resource and a team of problem solving fanatics is just a click or phone call away. From burner tune-ups, to safety training, to establishing an effective equipment maintenance schedule MSI is here to help. At the end of the day its all about working smarter and safer together!