When it comes to the combustion industry, safety standards are king. We all know how imperative it is to keep combustion equipment, burners, and furnaces working seamlessly, with annual testing, inspection, and repair. At Metro Services, Inc., we work hard to provide support and customizable solutions for NFPA compliance, safety surveys, and equipment maintenance. We have three key reasons why you should stay on top of the testing of burners and other equipment, and they are as follows:


Preventative maintenance also serves to keep your staff and facility safe from potential harm. Of course you have to operate under the NFPA article 86 guidelines, and our team can help you effectively navigate what that should look like for your specific business.


A thoughtful and well-implemented preventative maintenance plan contributes to a properly functioning factory by decreasing the potential for unplanned downtime. When you stay on top of inspections, testing, and adjusting equipment on a schedule, you consequently alleviate the potential for issues that can be costly, interruptive, and even a threat to the safety of your team.


Combustion equipment that operates efficiently isn’t only great for your bottomline; it’s also better for the environment, in that less fuel is required, and fuel is converted to BTUs more efficiently for even more savings.

Let Us Support Your Combustion Safety Efforts

Here at Metro Services, we can service most any type of industrial burner from natural gas to propane or butane to waste oil or landfill gas burners. We can help you solve your process heating issues effectively and in a timely fashion. This all starts with your burners being properly tuned. In fact, burner tune-ups can account for a 10% increase in overall efficiency, which can translate to thousands of dollars in fuel savings over time. Let our skilled team help you:

  • Drive Productivity
  • Ensure Safety
  • and Practice Conscientious Business

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