Installed System for HVAC Client Measures BTU Content

Metro Services Inc. recently designed and installed a new system for an HVAC client, Trane Residential Systems, to increase overall efficiency of their operations. This system, configured and implemented by the team at MSI, measures the BTU content of natural gas and enriches it with propane as necessary to ensure the BTU content never drops. The system utilizes a thermocouple sensor to determine the BTU content of the fuel and air mixture so that we can adjust the mixture as needed to maintain a precise flame. This flame is used in the brazing system, which holds the freon gases, to fuse the coils.

“By maintaining a precise flame and heat content, we are able to reduce the failure rate that the customers sees due to improper fusing of the coils. Increasing efficiency and throughput while reducing waste and labor needed to make repairs in turn increasing profits,” Scott Norton, President of Metro Services Inc. said.

Flow Controllers Maintain BTU Content

The system, designed by MSI’s head engineer, utilizes flow controllers, which not only verify the amount of fuel and air that is going to the system, but also maintain a constant ratio so that accurate determinations of the BTU content of the natural gas being supplied can be monitored and easily addressed. This also utilizes a third flow controller which allows for the introduction of propane gas into the system to enrich the BTU content, and make up the difference if the BTU content drops.

Easily Track Flows, Pressures, and Temps

This system also provides the customer the ability to chart all of these flows, pressures, and temperatures so that they can record and verify historical values. Installation is pretty simple as the system is skid mounted, so once installed in its final location, technicians simply plumb to the inlet of the gas, propane, and air then plumb the propane into the manifold of the equipment. The next step is to provide the system with 120V, the same as an outlet at your house, and Metro Services techs come in to make magic happen by programming the controls to maintain the customer specified set point.

See more images of the team’s design and install for Trane Residential Systems below, and as always, contact our team if we can help you boost efficiency of your operations! We’d love to work with you.

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