Our indoor air quality services ensure the air you're breathing is clean and safe.Indoor air quality is incredibly important for your health. Especially in these unprecedented times, it’s important to take every safety precaution to ensure wellness. So, is the air in your home or office building safe to breathe? Our team at Metro Services can help you determine this with our professional indoor air quality services.

  1. Are you concerned about the indoor air quality inside your space?
  2. Do you or your family members or teammates suffer from allergies?
  3. Is it just dust, or could it be mold?

We can help you answer these questions. MSI is a certified indoor air sampling contractor. That means we can come to your location and perform indoor and outdoor air testing, along with various surface testing that will produce samples to be sent off to a lab. The lab then tests these growth particles to determine whether or not they are safe to breathe, or if there are contaminants present in the air that could be hazardous.

If harmful substances are detected, our team will then determine the next steps necessary to mitigate them, restoring your indoor air quality. If left untreated, these harmful particles in the air and on various surfaces will become more severe over time. Those harmful particulates will be circulated throughout the HVAC system, becoming airborne. Once airborne they will land on new surfaces, and begin to form new colonies causing more damage, and consequently costing more money to eradicate.

After our team determines and implements a strategy for eliminating air contaminants, we will retest the indoor and outdoor air quality to ensure improvement. We will work till the issues are eliminated.